Tata Steel unveils technology to cut carbon emissions

Tata Steel has developed a new technology ‘HIsarna’ that can not only reduce carbon emissions by at least 20 percent but also bring down the cost of steel production.

According to the company, it has been testing the technology at its IJmuiden steelworks in the Netherlands “HIsarna has potential to reduce energy use and carbon emissions by at least 20 percent, reducing steel-making costs through lower-priced raw materials, up to half of which could be recycled scrap steel”, it said.

HIsarna is a completely new technology in the steel- making process which combines Tata Steel’s cyclone converter furnace with Rio Tinto’s smelter technology.

Now, Tata Steel has acquired the Rio Tinto’s smelter technology and intellectual property rights that are required to operate the HIsarna process, the company stated.

Image Credit : thefirstmail.in

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