Proposed Chandigarh airport project needs 31 acres

The Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has suggested in its techno-economic feasibility study that around 1,24,659.27 square metres – roughly 31 acres of land – will be required for the proposed project of an alternate road link from Chandigarh to Chandigarh International Airport.

The report said: “As far as possible, efforts have been made to minimise land acquisition. But, at some locations, geometric parameters required for urban road make the acquisition of land inevitable.”

“In such cases, some land would be affected. Further, some land is required for temporary work site or site office during the period of construction,” it added.

The report further said, “During the construction period, huge quantities of construction materials like reinforcing bars, cement, steel sections, shutters, pre-cast segments, etc. are to be stored and sufficient land is required for the storage of these materials.

The areas may be identified based on availability as vacant on date nearer to the project location. At the time of construction, depending on the need, the location and size can be reassessed and temporary land acquisitions can be made accordingly.

An area of 2000 sq m of government land is proposed for this purpose. This land will be obtained on lease temporarily for the construction period. After completion of construction, these will be handed over back to the land-owning agency.”

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