Panasonic plans li-ion battery module assembly unit in India

Thanks to Indian government’s push to EVs, Japan’s Panasonic Corp. is exploring opportunities to set up a facility for assembling lithium-ion (li-ion) battery modules in India.

According to a Mint report, Panasonic will initially assemble batteries for two- and three-wheelers as the Union government wants to push for a shift towards electrification in these two segments. The Japanese company will also invest in setting up charging stations and telematics platform for electric three-wheelers.

It quoted Manish Sharma, president and chief executive officer (CEO), Panasonic Corp, as saying: “The logical step that we would take before jumping into manufacturing cells in this country is to look at module assembly to happen.”

He added: “That consideration is going on about how to assemble the modules in this country. You can’t expect many large factories to come up because it’s a catch twenty-two situation. If it is not Gigawatt scale, then cost-efficiency will not be enough.”

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