GKN Fokker to set up aircraft wiring facility in Pune

GKN Fokker Elmo has inked a pact with the state government of Maharashtra to set up its second manufacturing facility for wiring interconnection systems in India.

The facility will attract an investment of $10 million.
The new site, a fully owned GKN Aerospace business, is located in Pune.

While production is expected to commence in the subsequent quarter, the workforce is likely to grow to 800 in 2027.

The site will focus on the assembly of wiring systems for commercial aircraft and will operate alongside the the existing facility for wiring systems in Bengaluru which is serving the defence market.

John Pritchard, CEO, Aerostructures and Systems Europe and Asia, said, “This electrical wiring systems site will be the first aerospace facility fully owned by us in India.”

Image Credit : thehindu.com

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