Cost effective fuel Pellets from Jiya Eco-Products

Cost effective fuel Pellets from Jiya Eco-Products

Jiya Eco-Products has come out with ‘innovative and cost efficient fuel’ as ‘Pellets’.

These are manufactured by compressing biomass (here the biomass means and includes all types of waste – agriculture waste as well as forest waste). Jiya is the only company in India to manufacture ‘Pellets’ from agriculture waste.

The Research & Development Department and the Management of the company has deployed hundreds of man hours and has also worked day and night to develop ‘Pellets’.

The R&D Department has made many trial and errors and experiments and used different mechanisms and machines for getting tremendous success in developing this product.

Jiya Eco-Products is engaged in the manufacturing of bio-fuels viz. bio-briquettes and bio-pellets which is an alternative source of energy and has the ability to replace/are fairly good substitutes of traditional fossil fuels like coal, firewood, lignite, etc.

Author: Research Desk