Cepsa partners with GP for India entry

Cepsa Trading SA has said it will produce and sell marine and power generation lubricants in India through a partnership with GP Global Energy Pvt Ltd.

While Cepsa Trading SA is a Spain-based oil company, GP Global is part of UAE-based GP Global (formerly called Gulf Petrochem).

GP Global will produce the marine lubricants line of Cepsa through a contract with its group company GP Petroleums Ltd, which runs a plant at Vasai in Mumbai.

As per the agreement, GP Global will manufacture, blend, package and import Cepsa-branded lubricants into India, the two companies announced at a news conference here.

Álvaro Díaz Bild, Vice-President, Marketing, Cepsa, said, “this partnership will strengthen Cepsa’s international brand and the expansion of our lubricant business.”

Image Credit : thehindubusinessline.com

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