Centre clears 800 MW Bursar hydroelectric project in Jammu & Kashmir

The central environment ministry’s expert panel has granted clearance to the 800 megawatt (MW) Bursar hydroelectric project in Jammu and Kashmir.

Earlier, according to a report in livemint.com, the expert panel was of the opinion that the power project was to be located in a rich biodiversity area and could only be cleared after a site visit by a sub-committee.

Permitted under the Indus Water Treaty (IWT), the project is strategically important for India and its clearance is in line with the Indian government’s decision to step up exploitation of India’s share of water in the IWT.

“At a meeting in October, the environment ministry’s Expert Appraisal Committee (EAC) for River Valley and Hydroelectric Projects deferred granting clearance to the Bursar project in the absence of a site visit. However, in the first week of December, the panel went ahead and cleared the project without a site visit, saying that a visit was not possible before June 2018 due to poor weather conditions, which would delay the project,” the report added.

Image Credit : livemint.com