Almatis to set up Tabular Alumina plant in WB

In a bid to fuel its growth plans in Asia, Almatis is setting up a new Tabular Alumina plant in Falta, West Bengal.

A global leader in production and supply of premium alumina and alumina-based product, Almatis is owned since September 2015 by OYAK, the largest private pension fund in Turkey.

According to a statement issued by the company, Almatis’ India business is based in Falta with a processing plant that has seen steady growth since 1995.

It added that the upcoming Falta India Tabular Alumina production facility is expected to meet the needs of the company’s Indian customers and provide supply security in the growing market.

CEO Emre Timurkan said: “Almatis is committed to providing continuous support to the Indian refractory industry. we are on a path of rapid construction to satisfy our customers’ increasing demand for high quality Tabular Alumina.”

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